Utilitywise and UK Businesses Unite to Fight Energy Waste

Business owners know the value of saving money. Businesses cannot thrive if they are not gaining revenue on a constant basis. One of the ways that business owners increase their revenue is by decreasing expenses. At the top of that list is energy consumption and waste. Electricity, natural gas and water are often wasted in huge amounts without anyone taking any notice. Large corporations leave electronic equipment running unnecessarily and water recycling is not taken advantage of. UtilitywiseUtilitywise is an energy consultant company in the UK that works with businesses to help them reduce their carbon footprint as well as their monthly utility expenses. With the UK economy fluctuating in the recent years, business owners are constantly searching for ways to reduce their expenses.

Utilitywise reaches throughout the UK and into Ireland, with experts also reaching out to the German and French markets, to encourage energy waste reduction. The first step is generally to educate the public, to get the word out that it is vitally important. Many businesses and individuals don’t realise the impact they have on energy waste. Employees should be encouraged to turn off their computer and monitor, rather than leaving them hibernating. The constant drain of electricity is still going through the computer. Unplugging electric equipment during weekends or when on vacation is a good idea.

Businesses can request information from Utilitywise about reducing their water consumption and waste, as well. The experts know several methods for water recycling that can often cut that expense down significantly. The experts will do a full review of the business for all types of energy waste, including water and electricity. An Energy Audit will be performed to seek out practical ways to reduce energy consumption.

Another benefit to using Utilitywise is that the company will provide financing options for businesses that are struggling to make the changes but can’t afford them at the moment. They will also provide outsourced energy management if the client does not have an expert staff member to help implement and continue the new energy saving procedures. Utilitywise Ecofit team experts can not only set up the new equipment and implement the new procedures, they can also educate the business owner and employees as to why the changes need to be made and what results are expected. Utilitywise will even calculate the carbon footprint the company is leaving behind by analysing electricity, gas, water and other expenses that have an impact on the environment.